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People are different and crazy about listening to various types of music. Tastes often change in accordance with the age and life experience. In our website you will find all sorts of music available so you are just to type names and songs and search. It is simple to choose what you want and enjoy right now!

Music styles

Rock music is a kind of style being very popular all over the world with respect to nations or religion. The style appeared in early 60's and just spread over the world. Rock has a lot of areas of the lungs such as rock 'n' roll, britppop or poprok as well as heavy metal, alternative and hardcore. Guitars and electric guitars are more often in rock music accompanied with drums, and synthesizers. An integral part of rock music is the singer who actually sings the lyrics of rock music, as well in heavy rock music developed with growling vocals. Daily rock concerts are going on around the world, as well as every minute listening to rock bands shows rock music so popular. Rock music is a style that will always live in our hearts!

Disco is one of the most popular dance music styles of the XX century, which initially started at the beginning of 1970-x's. Later, the word "disco" music became known as the rhythm of 100-120 beats per minute. Another important element of the style is a brilliant, cutting eye wear with bright colors of all kinds of colorful lights accompanied with mirror balls and neon flashes.

The first disco in the modern sense appeared in New York and they sounded mostly soul and funk records with tight rhythmic foundation there.

Hip-Hop music emerged as a youth subculture in the mid-1970s among African Americans and Hispanics. It is different by its own music styles (also known as hip-hap, rap)as well as It's slang, hip-hap fashion, dances called breakdancing and graphic arts (graffiti).

Jazz a kind of music developed at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries as the fusion of European and African musical cultures and adopted the original among blacks in the United States.

Musicians without a sufficient degree of improvisational technique favored a large orchestra, which resulted in the mid 30's. in the appearance of swing Jazz. Originating in Chicago, Kansas City and New York, swing characterized as a performance on a pre-written arrangements. Solo improvisation often sung in the background riffs. Swing performance is based on a pre-written arrangements. Solo improvisation often sung in the background riffs with widely used roll of the orchestra.